Client Testimonials

Scooby Doo | “Two short months ago, Scooby Doo was unpredictable, undisciplined, hyper, etc. We had never trained a dog before but we knew that he needed more than a weekend group session from a pet store. We met Russ Crager at the Home and Garden Show where he was giving a demonstration of Off Leash Training. He let us hold the collar in our hand and feel what our dog would feel. After that there was no doubt that we had found the right trainer and training method. We chose the eight week course of training and Scooby Doo has proudly accomplished each task. He gets so excited when he sees his collar because he knows that it is time for him to show off what he has learned. Please do not give up on your dog or dread being with him. This training will remove the barriers that keep you from enjoying, spending time and traveling with your dog. Scooby is now happy, predictable, confident and disciplined. Thank you Russ!” Susan, Gregg & Family, Pooler, GA


Cookie | “My wife and I have a 14 month old golden doodle (Cookie) that is both wonderful and wild. She can pull a sled she is so strong.  We have never been able to walk her without a leash. She pulled on the leash and jumped on people and chased squirrels and if she slipped out the door it was a chase to get her.  One day she ended up in a pond! She lived because it was 10 degrees outside and the alligators were probably frozen. That was the final straw.  My wife started to evaluate different trainers and selected Russ Crager.  We were totally amazed after the first lesson with Russ we could walk her without holding the leash and more importantly she came back on command. She remains a happy pup but now obedient. Thank God.  We love Cookie.  Russ is the best and he truly loves the dogs he works with! Russ is so easy and fun to work with and we consider his work with Cookie to be close to miraculous.” Dave and Debbie M., Hilton Head Island

Theia | “Russ has been an amazing trainer. I’ve seen such a difference since bringing Theia, 5 month German Shepherd, to Off-Leash K9 for training. She’s gained confidence and no longer pulls me when we go for walks and she obeys commands given by my sons. So now it’s a joy to go running with her instead of it being a chore. Not only was Russ training Theia but he was also teaching me how to be the Alpha and how to train her as well. I couldn’t be happier with the lessons and will be recommending Off-Leash to all my friends!” Cathy B., Fairfax, VA