Rock Star

“Rock Star” – Basic and Advanced Obedience Training Program

This program teaches your dog to be reliably obedient, on and off leash, with distractions! This is the recommended program for working dog breeds and mixes. Working dogs need a job, our “Rock Star” program adds additional commands that keep your dog thinking and enjoying her new favorite activity, obedience. We show you how to correct most problem behaviors during the first lesson!  You will see a dramatic shift in your dog’s obedience within days of your first lesson.

This eight lesson program is for the family that wants an active role in their dog’s training and has the time to continue practicing at home between lessons. Be prepared to practice at least 30- 45 minutes per day for a week.


Includes the following commands:

  • Come or Here
  • Sit (and Stay in the Sit until released)
  • Break (the release command we use)
  • Down (and Stay in the Down until released)
  • Place (come to you and Sit on an object, stay in the Place until released)
  • Heel (stay at your side with a loose leash or off leash)
  • Off (to stop any unwanted behaviors, such as jumping, growling, counter-surfing, excessive barking, etc)

Additionally, you choose 4 of the following commands:

  • Extended Distance Sit (Sit from a distance)
  • Extended Distance Down (Down from a distance)
  • Come to Heel (come around your right leg and sit in the Heel position at your left leg)
  • Watch (maintain eye contact with you until released)
  • Through (come around your right leg and sit between your legs)
  • Stand (assume a standing position)
  • Front (come and sit directly in front of you, facing you)
  • Touch (stand up against something you point to)
  • Down in motion (an emergency stop)
  • Send Away (send you dog to sit on an object from a distance)

Rock Star Dog Obedience Program Bonuses:

  1. All training equipment.
  2. Private Lessons, 1:1, just you (and Family), your dog and one of our expert trainers.
  3. Detailed “Quick Reference Sheet” instructions by email the day after your first class.
  4. Unlimited support via phone, text, and e-mail for up to 6 months after class.
  5. Free AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen testing.
  6. Photos posted on Facebook.
  7. A true “Rock Star” that will amaze your friends, family and even total strangers!